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lunachick17's Journal

14 October 1982
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I am a 27 year old lesbian who lives and works in Cleveland. I work at the LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland as the Metro Youth Program Case Manager and at Cleveland Clinic doing Psychiatric Intake PRN. I am a feminist social worker and I am looking for friends in Cleveland with similar interests as mine.
abortion rights, activism, activists, alix olson, all bodies of water, all women, androgynous, angelina jolie, angelique kidjo, angels, anti-homophobia, anti-police, anti-racism, anti-war, artemis, autumn, beautiful people(inside and out), bi-sexuals, bitch and animal, boidykes, bounce, butchgurls, butchwomen, candles, celestial things, chanting, clea duval, clubbing, cuddling, dancing the night away, deadprez, deftones, delerium, disturbed, dixie chicks, dogs, dragkings, dragqueens, drainsth, duct tape, enigma, enya, evanescence, fairies, feminism, feminists, forests, friends, ftm, fuck police brutality, gay men, gay rights, goddesses, gypsies, hair dying, human rights, human warmth, impeach bush, incense, independent films, interbelt, interior designing, kinnie starr, korn, lakewood, lanscapes, le tigre, leopard print, lesbians, leslie feinberg, letigre, lightning, lords of acid, madonna, magic, marches, meadows, mermaids, michigan womens music festival, mountains, movies, mushroomhead, naked women, nelly furtado, nirvana, nymphs, ohio state university, open minds, open people, outside, pansexual, piercings, poe, prochoice, prodigy, protests, psychology, purple, queer, rain, rainbows, resale shopping, road trips, rosettos, safety pins, sage, sarah mclaghlan, sevendust, sheryl crow, shopping, social work, stargazing, staring at the wall, suicidegirls, sunlight, tarot, the earth, the moon, the murmurs, the stars, thrift store shopping, thunder, thunder storms, tool, trangender, tranniebois, trannybois, tree tops, tribe8, true justice, ubaka hill, unicorns, valleys, velvet, watching people, wicca, women's empowerment, women's land, woods, yelling